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Frank Brandow's destination in life was surely to be a collector and dealer of antiques and collectables. His parents were collectors of various old items and he barely remembers at the age of 5 going with his parents to various flea markets and estate sales.  On the coast of California, his parents had a grocery store and mercantile decorated with old antique items which they also sold.  That lead to having an open shop surrounded by old cars, wagons and a variety of antique farm equipment.  When Frank was older, in his "High School Days" he developed a passion for store advertising, it was a perfect fit as his parents grocery store got new advertising each year from the distributors of various products.  Frank had the truck drivers save and bring him all the out dated advertising signs and neon clocks that were to be thrown away or replaced each year.  Well that got out of hand and his mom said enough is enough.  So Frank and his dad loaded up the truck and went to the Rose Bowl flea market way back in the 1970s. Frank was able to sell the old out dated product advertising in Los Angeles and found out there was a market for such items.  When Frank and his dad returned from the flee market, mom noticed the truck was full, and said, "I quess you did not sale anything!"  Oh, we sold it all said Frank, but I took all the money and went on a buying trip.  So that is how it all got started.  From then on, Frank never stopped buying and selling.  Franks passion lead to more unique and a rare items such as fine art, paintings, Native American and rare toys.

Frank has over 40 years appraisal experience for insurance companies, courts and individuals.  15 years teaching classes on art and antiques, and 40 years as an antique dealer, guest lecturer, and expert witness.  With Franks unique qualifications, he can more accurately appraise and sell your items.  Big Valley Auction Sales is dedicated to helping our clients to reach a broader audience for their antiques, collectables, artwork and other quality estate items.  We will appraise, market, and sale your items in the best possible ways.  We can sell one item or an entire collection.

Don't give your valuables away at yard sale prices.  For more information call Frank @ 559-790-8598 call anytime early or late.



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